Why Franchising and Why Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

Why Franchising and Why Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

This past weekend I was scrolling through Netflix and Hulu looking for something to entertain myself when I came across a show called “The Profit”. The Profit airs on CNBC and features Marcus Lemonis who travels around the country helping existing entrepreneurs save their failing businesses. While I was watching the show Marcus repeated his mantra over and over stating that; “Business success is about the three P’s: People, Process and Product”. After watching a few episodes I reflected on several of my latest conversations with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives franchise candidates.

One of the best things about Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is the simple fact that we have the process and_ products_ already in place. Franchising is all about investing in a tried and true system. One that will not only ensure your locations viability but also help you ramp up your business in your first year. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives began franchising way back in 1998 and since then, our incredible franchisees and corporate support teams have spent hours perfecting our sales process.

Beginning with the nighttime demo, our franchisees visit with homeowners in their local markets to walk their propert and discuss their homes’ unique structure. Our franchisees and their employees strive to educate home owners on how to properly accentuate the various architectural design elements of their home by using the_ right_ fixtures. A custom lighting design will not only help accentuate the beauty of a home but will also provide quality lighting that will extend the hours they are able to spend outdoors and provide safety and security when they are not.

Last year, franchisees reported an average annual sales of $440,196 with a 58.6% gross profit margin. In addition, our proven sales process has helped our franchisees generate a proposal closure average of 7 out 10. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives certainly has Marcus’s processdown!

Our products are certainly the best in the industry! As a franchise system, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives franchisees are able to purchase quality fixtures at rates unlike any other. With over 50 different locations all purchasing the same types of fixtures we are able to collectively lower the cost of goods each franchisee pays. Utilizing the best vendors and names in outdoor lighting fixtures, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives successfully launched our very own supply corporation last year. Giving our franchisees a new way to order products and fixtures online and having them shipped to their locations as needed (no need for extra overhead to house products!) while also benefiting from the bulk buying power from the entire franchise system.

Marcus’s last point or key ingredient that he looks for in a successful business is the people. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives we spend a great deal of time getting to know each and every potential franchise candidate. We view the franchise education process like the dating process. Not only are our franchise candidates taking time to learn about who we are, what we do and how we can assist them become their own boss but we are also getting to know each other on a personal level. Last year I wrote a blog that explained how franchising is rather like a marriage. We enter into a union together and both have agreed upon responsibilities to ensure the ultimate happiness and success of each party. Ultimately, if our franchisees don’t “like” us then the odds of them utilizing our support services are slim. Part of the reason you invest in a franchise versus going at it on your own is the people. Investing in a franchise is the perfect way to go into business for yourself without being by yourself. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives we have a network of people in place to assist franchisees in all ways. Starting at the top with our senior executives who provide our franchisees with the counseling the need to properly launch, ramp, and ultimately grow and sell their franchise locations. Next we have our amazing marketing team; stocked with a brand strategist, graphic designer and two dedicated marketing managers to help each franchisee create, implement and track their marketing expenditures and plan each year both through print advertisements as well as marketing completed online through web traffic and social media sites.

In addition to our amazing marketing team and senior leadership we also have field support teams to assist franchisees implement the process and an amazing product liaison to help them submit and track their orders. Our franchisees have a network of people behind them to assist them with any aspect of their business.

Needless to say, I’d love to tell you more about Outdoor Lighting Perspectives three P’s for success. Feel free to call or email us anytime to start exploring your home based business opportunity today!