Outdoor Lighting Need Continues To Grow

Outdoor Lighting Need Continues To Grow

This week I was reading an article in Green Industry Pro magazine regarding the top outdoor living trends for 2014. In the article, the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) shared survey results regarding the residential design trends they were being asked to incorporate with consumers. It seems, more and more consumers are looking for sustainable and low-maintenance landscaping and design projects to create beautiful outdoor living areas in their primary and secondary residences. In fact, over 92% of the architects responded starting their consumers were requesting an outdoor kitchen or entertainment area be added to their design.

The article went on to list specific elements that were in high demand this year and I was thrilled to see lighting as the number one element consumers are demanding in their outdoor design. As North America’s largest and most trusted full-service outdoor landscape and architectural lighting provider, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives franchisees continue to see strong demand for their services in their local markets. In fact, there are many cases where consumers are reaching out to our corporate teams inquiring as to when an Outdoor Lighting Perspectives franchise will open in their area. We are also seeing an increase in existing business owners who are looking to grow and diversify their business with the addition of an Outdoor Lighting Perspectives franchise opportunity.

Just this morning, I had the pleasure of speaking with Jim. Jim currently owns and operates an irrigation business in Michigan. Oddly enough, Jim read the same article I had over the weekend and was interested in learning more about the lighting industry and hit the web to learn more about the industry. Through his search he came across the Outdoor Lighting Perspectives consumer website, www.outdoorlights.com. Jim stated that he really enjoyed watching our new web series Transformation: Augusta and it was the video series that really caught his attention.

Jim went on to say; “The videos gave me a great first hand look at what it would be like to be a part of the Outdoor Lighting Perspectives system. While I never saw myself as a franchisee, I could see the value behind joining such a well known and respected business.”

Over the next twenty minutes Jim and I discussed many of the pro’s and con’s associated with growing a business with the addition of a franchise opportunity like, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives. Jim liked the fact that he could launch a new business without going through the testing phase he had when he launched his irrigation business. To Jim, having an established how-to manual available to guide him in deploying the new service line was a huge benefit. He also was thrilled to learn that our World Class support team would be available to help him market and manage his businesses together.

One _pro__ that Jim shared with me that I was very proud to hear was; “Being affiliated with a brand like Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, may attract more consumers in my market due to their level of quality and consistency. You cant tell by the various websites that it is a professional company that always puts their consumers first.”

By the end of the call, Jim was thrilled to begin exploring the Outdoor Lighting Perspectives franchise opportunity with our unique education and discovery process. If you are like Jim and are looking to grow existing business with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, click on over to our DIVERSIFY YOUR BUSINESS page to learn even more about our add-on opportunity.