Transforming The Lighting Industry One Outdoor Space At A Time

Transforming The Lighting Industry One Outdoor Space At A Time

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives has been North America’s most trusted full-service outdoor landscape and architectural lighting provider since we started franchising way back in 1998. Founded in Charlotte, NC in 1995, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives has welcomed franchisees from all over North America. Today we have locations throughout North America as well as around the globe and we continue to see interest and growth from all over the world. Currently, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives has opened 7 new locations in the first half of 2014 and we project an additional 5 to close before the end of the year.

One of the most popular questions among franchise candidates considering Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is:
“What is a day in the life of an Outdoor Lighting Perspectives franchisee like?”

This year, we wanted to be able to provide more than just an answer to that question. We wanted to create a unique way to walk not only potential franchisees but also Outdoor Lighting Perspectives clients through our design and installation process. We learned after conducting interviews with a focus group that we could assist our franchisees secure sales by showing clients how Outdoor Lighting Perspectives franchisees differentiate themselves from companies who also provide outdoor lighting services. Currently, outdoor lighting is a growing industry and currently generating over a billion dollars each year. In fact, most recently the ASLA declared lighting fixtures as the leading want by consumers who are transforming their outdoor spaces. We decided the best way to reach both goals would be to create a unique, professional online video series that would clearly showcase our brand, process and the transformational affects our lighting services.

Our marketing team decided that creating a series that was relatable would be key. They wanted viewers to get the sense that the video series would be something they would see on TLC or HGTV. To ensure our final product met our goals we hired a production company to assist our marketing team. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Marketing Manager, Jody Wetherill assisted the production team in creating the script to ensure the tone and feel was real. It was also very important to all of us that we did not use any actors. We wanted to show a real franchisee interacting with a real client. Choosing the franchisee was difficult. We have such wonderful franchisees but after much deliberation we chose Pat Otis. Pat owns and operates, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Augusta and with his enthusiasm, proximity to our corporate headquarters and all around dynamic personality and charisma we knew we had the perfect franchisee.

We then tasked Pat with selecting a short list of his favorite outdoor spaces. Our VP of Operations, Rich Young and marketing team traveled to Augusta to meet with Pat and his team and tour the selected list of homeowners. The team wanted to find an outdoor space that would be able to show several of our outdoor lighting fixtures and effects. When the team met Pam Doumar and toured her elegant historic home and outdoor space they knew without a doubt that her home would be the perfect place to shoot our first series and thus Transformation: Augusta was born.

Pam’s space had fantastic architectural attributes that the team could highlight; equally lovely outdoor landscaping and their pool and treehouse were incredible ways to showcase some of our newer lighting fixtures and technology.

After a few days and several hours editing, the final series was released to the public and franchisees. Our Outdoor Lighting Perspectives franchisees fell in love with the series right away. Everyone was thrilled to share the videos with their new clients as well as their existing clients through social media and e-blasts. One consumer called to say how much she enjoyed the video stating “What a fun and exciting way to learn about Outdoor Lighting Perspectives. It is also comforting to know that such the well-respected company is behind the local operators and there is a certain amount of safety you feel when contracting a national company like Outdoor Lighting Perspectives versus have Joe the landscaper come add some lights in the yard.”

To see our amazing new series, simply visit Transformation Augusta

As you can see in our amazing new video series, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is a franchise opportunity where you are really investing in a lifestyle and culture catered around enjoying the outdoor living arena. Our franchisees love what they do, we love what we do and we all work together to help consumers LIVE WELL outdoors every day!

Keep your eyes open for the next episodes which may include;

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