Extend Your Business Season With Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

Extend Your Business Season With Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

Over the past month, the Outdoor Lighting Perspectives recruitment team has been very busy! We recently launched radio ads in Philadelphia and Indianapolis to help increase interest in our World Class Franchise opportunity. When we initially thought of the idea we had no idea how the commercials would be received. We are thrilled with the volume of calls our ads have created. When I was thinking about what to write for our blog this week a recent call with a local business owner in Indianapolis came to mind.

Dave currently owns and operates an outdoor service business specializing in landscaping services and providing outdoor structural maintenance to patios, fire pits and other hardscape surfaces. When Dave called, he mentioned that he heard our ad and was interested in learning more about the opportunity for existing business owners and would like to learn more about adding a franchise on to his business. Dave also went on to explain that as the winter approaches his business tends to come to a halt, describing that by mid to late November he would start working odd jobs to keep revenue coming in throughout the next four months. I asked Dave if he had every provided any lighting services to his clients and he mentioned that they had requested lights on a few jobs but he was not positive on the fundamentals and had outsourced the need to other businesses.

In our initial call I was able to identify two areas where we could assist Dave. First, his season season typically ends in November and he has a need for revenue sources between November and January each year. Second, he was leaving money on the table with his existing clients by referring them to other businesses for any lighting installations and service needs.
Now that we identified two problems I knew an Outdoor Lighting Perspectives could help.

I went on to explain to Dave how Outdoor Lighting Perspectives grew their brand by adding a full service holiday service model to their existing business plan. We like, Dave, saw many of our franchisees looking for ways to extend their season and saw the perfect fit by adding holiday lighting. Every Outdoor Lighting Perspectives franchisees offers expert lighting services to their clients.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, our franchisees help design the perfect outdoor holiday display for their clients that not only shares their joy of the holiday season but also their tastes and their budget. The majority of our Christmas lighting installations fall into two categories, the classic and the colorful. – You can see more on our consumer blog at: http://blog.outdoorlights.com/#sthash.pdaKOF0c.dpuf

Once we design a beautiful system that meets their tastes and budget the Outdoor Lighting Perspectives team will install the lighting system ensuring their home is merry and bright all season long. At the culmination of the Holiday season the same Outdoor Lighting Perspectives team will come out to take down and store the holiday lights until next year when they will install their holiday lighting system again as part of their annual holiday lighting contract. The addition of Holiday lighting services have assisted our franchisees extend their season and with a set amount of recurring revenue from previous holiday lighting clients.

Dave had thought about adding holiday lighting to his business before but never knew how to price or market the services. He was thrilled with the opportunity! Dave and I later went on to walk through the add-on franchise program. We were able to discuss how an add-on franchise would offer him the ability to not only extend his season but also the training, support and marketing magic to generate new clients with the addition of outdoor lighting services.

Dave is currently working through the last few steps of his education and discovery process and we certainly look forward to meeting him in Richmond, VA for his confirmation day soon!

If you would like to learn more about launching an Outdoor Lighting Perspectives franchise or adding the franchise to your business; please call us today! We are always happy to answer any questions you may have and discuss how an Outdoor Lighting Perspectives franchise might be just the answer you are looking for.