Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Doubles Vetfran Discount for the Remainder Of 2014

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Doubles Vetfran Discount for the Remainder Of 2014

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As a special salute to our nation’s heroes and a special way to close out the Veteran Awareness Campaign launched by Outdoor Living Brands in January of this past year, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is offering a special discount for the remainder of 2014.

As a member of VetFran, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives offers active duty and retired service members a discount of 15% off their initial franchisee fee. However, for the remainder of 2014, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is DOUBLING their VetFran discount as a special thank you to our nation’s heroes. For any new candidate entering the education and discovery process for the remainder of this year, these candidates will receive 30% off their initial franchise fee.

Earlier this summer I had the great opportunity of meeting with several of our veteran franchisees and was able to discuss how their time in the military has helped them not only launch their franchises but also continue to grow and develop their locations due to the skills they learned while serving our country while they attended our Holiday Training.

Chuck Rich (Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of North East Atlanta) an active duty air force reservist joined our family in January of the past year. While attending training in the early part of August he and I were able to discuss his thoughts on veterans (as well as active members of the armed forces and reserves). During our conversation Chuck stated; “Veterans typically have the drive, desire and a lot of time the perfect skill set to be successful in business but may lack the ramp up time and business administrative skills to be completely successful. An Outdoor Lighting Perspectives franchise has the right price points and support to allow a veteran to start a business and be successful at a greater speed than if they started from scratch. While many franchises require capital that maybe out of your budget, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives may offer you an opportunity that is within your range and give you the added support to up your chance of being fully successful in reaching your goals.”

Chuck later went on to offer other veterans or reservists the following advice; “I suggest they sit down with their financial adviser (if they have one) and make sure they have the right capital available to invest. Afterwards evaluate the pros and cons of owning your own business. Once you have comfortable understanding of the risks…hedge your bet with opening and Outdoor Living brands franchise.”

If you are interested in learning more about how you can take advantage of the doubled VetFran discount and begin exploring Outdoor Lighting Perspectives today, give us a call. We are always happy to assist our hero’s as they look to define their next chapter.