Outdoor Lighting Perspectives featured with the Franchise Brokers Association

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives featured with the Franchise Brokers Association

This week Outdoor Lighting Perspectives was featured on the Franchise Brokers Association blog written by Marketing Director, Chris Wall.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Celebrates Veterans

This May will be the 16th Annual National Military Appreciation Month. To help celebrate the brave men and women who serve in our Armed Services Outdoor Living Brands has an amazing promotion for veterans. Outdoor Living Brands offers multiple, complementary franchise businesses that have many cross-promotional opportunities that are designed to enhance the operational and financial opportunities of their franchisees. The FBA recently spoke with Shemar Pucel, Franchise Development Marketing Coordinator at Outdoor Living Brands, Inc. about their promotion and their concept Outdoor Lighting Perspectives.

Shemar is such a fun and knowledgeable person and our team here always comments about what a pleasure it is to speak with her. We asked about the specifics of their promotion and was very impressed! During the months of May and November they will be doubling their veterans discount all the way to 30% off the total franchise fee! They are focused on filling the Indianapolis territory. To help get the word out she is working closely with several franchise brokers and attending trade shows. This promotion extends to their other brands Archadeck, Mosquito Squad and Renew Crew.

“We are looking for a new franchisee in Indianapolis! As an added bonus we have a large existing client base that will jump start their business. We have closed 7 other similar deals in the past 13 months and each and every new franchisee would be able to validate as to what a huge benefit having the clients is to launching a new franchise. As a SUPER bonus, our OLPDirector of Field Support also lives in the area and would be able to provide extra field support for the new Indianapolis franchisee. We are having a fantastic year and we would love to work with you today!”

The promotion is being very well received by several FBA Brokers. One of which is Alexander Hildenbrandt who is a Franchise Broker & Military Transition Mentor with Stonework Franchising. Alexander is a former serviceman himself and his franchise brokerage works very closely with other veterans and the veteran community through his Franchise Bootcamp program. He tells FBA that he likes Outdoor Lighting Perspectives very much and is having success with promoting the concept. He currently has one candidate that looks very favorable to close, and mentions how easy it is to work with Shemar. Since the launch of the promotion he says that he will be presenting Outdoor Lighting Perspectives to two additional clients who would be a good fit.

Outdoor-Lighting-PerspectivesThe Outdoor Lighting Perspectives concept is full-service outdoor landscape and architectural lighting provider. According to Alexander, it’s cost is one that fits well with most Veterans and comes in with an average price of $70,000. They have received several accolades over the years and have earned the prestigious title of “World Class Franchise” from the Franchise Research Institute. This means that the people who are in their system are very happy with their business and the franchisor. This level of recognition has helped them to succeed in their growth plan, and since Shemar joined the group three years ago she has sold 7 of the 9 target cities. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives does share an earnings statement (item 19) with their potential candidates which has increased every year. In 2014 the average earnings of their franchisees was $440,196 and $480,196 in 2015!

People who do well in the business come from all walks of life. Several of their franchisees are married couples or existing business owners that have strong management skills. The one thing that they all have in common is that they like to work outdoors and have a strong desire to build and manage a strong business. Shemar says “If you like being outdoors and are looking for a new challenge, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives could be the perfect franchise opportunity for you!”

Shemar is very passionate about the Outdoor Lighting Persepectives concept and enjoys working closely with Franchise Brokers. In fact, she often times will pass along leads that do not fit with their concepts to a recent franchise broker that she was working with. Her goals are to create strong relationships with franchise brokers who fully understand the concepts and to get the deal done! Her record speaks to that success and her last two deals with franchise brokers closed within 38 to 42 days.

We’re excited for Shemar and everyone at Outdoor Living Brands. It’s also very inspiring that they are able to help our brave veterans get into a their own business by doubling the discount. Veterans give so much of themselves and its great to hear stories about businesses celebrating them and giving back.

To read the article and others by Chris Wall, please visit their corporate blog