Shedding Light on the Flourishing Outdoor Lighting Industry

Shedding Light on the Flourishing Outdoor Lighting Industry

In an industry that is seeing an influx of companies providing outdoor lighting as an additional service or add-on service to their main business, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives continues to build on it’s long standing history as a full service outdoor lighting company whose sole focus is outdoor lighting. With more than 100,000 installations completed and doing business since 1995, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is backed with experience and longevity in an industry that has seen many changes over the past 10 years.

Outdoor lighting is all they do. They live and breathe it and they relentlessly strive to do it better than anyone else. This commitment has helped them tap into an affluent client base looking for a full-service provider who not only can provide custom design expertise, but installation and ongoing service and maintenance.

The company’s primary focus is on the residential client’s architectural and landscape lighting needs with holiday and festive lighting additional revenue streams. Trends for building and cultivating outdoor living spaces has only helped in this regard. The company has also successfully ventured into the hospitality lighting industry and is aggressive at identifying additional revenue streams within the outdoor lighting realm for their franchisees.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives’ product lines are continually evolving with unique and exclusive copper and brass fixtures being added on an ongoing basis. Fixtures that can easily be added to a property permanently such as custom garden luminaries or temporarily such as string or tree lighting for festive events are all part of the company’s product repertoire, which helps differentiate the brand from others. The free design consultation and nighttime preview is also an important distinction for the company providing potential clients the opportunity to preview their outdoor lighting system prior to installation.

In addition to the depth of the fixture and bulb lines, the company’s warranties are arguably the best in the business. From fixtures to transformers and bulbs, OLP’s warranties, their longevity in the marketplace and backing by a national company give clients the sense of security they are looking for when searching for and selecting an outdoor lighting company.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives positions themselves as the premiere outdoor lighting service provider and their franchisees pride themselves on their design expertise and access to a franchise network that provides them with ongoing training and support keeping them on top of the latest design techniques and technologies.

As competition grows, it’s become increasingly important to demonstrate to clients the OLPdifference and help educate them on the difference when comparing outdoor lighting companies. It’s rarely apples to apples. And, that’s ok. This is a huge opportunity for the company to continue to widen the gap and stake it’s place as the leader in the industry.