Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Could Be the Perfect Fit for Your Business!

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Could Be the Perfect Fit for Your Business!

The franchise development and support team with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives has been busy , busy, busy! The entire Outdoor Lighting Perspectives family has finally recovered and hit the ground running upon the return from the 2015 Outdoor Living Brands Annual Meeting. This year the meeting was held at the luxurious Grand Floridian Resort located at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

For three wonderful days, the Outdoor Lighting Perspectives and Outdoor Living Brands franchise support teams offered new and exciting educational opportunities to assist with the continued growth of the Outdoor Lighting Perspectives franchise system. Our franchisees enjoyed educational seminars centered around new technology and marketing tools and techniques, met with preferred vendors and shared ideas and questions with their growing network of peers. It was truly a wonderful event and our family of franchisees left the meeting with excitement and enthusiasm to implement many of the new strategies they learned in their local markets.

In fact, the marketing and support teams have been busy bees ever since discussing the launch of the hospitality line and Casuwel. But we have also found that in addition to more and more consumers contacting our franchisees throughout the country our franchise development teams have been hard at work answering questions and helping franchise candidates navigate the steps in our education and discovery process.

We are excited to welcome new franchisees to the Outdoor Lighting Perspectives family in several new markets and several of our newest franchise candidates currently own and operate other outdoor service businesses.
Outdoor Lighting Perspectives launched the add-on and conversion strategy a few years ago as a way to help existing business owners grow and diversify their existing operations with our World Class Franchise opportunity. Since then we have spent a great deal of time and effort educating entrepreneurs on why adding a franchise to an existing business is a great way to jump start continued growth and diversification.

Our franchise system, tools and operations have been tested and perfected over the past 20 years to ensure a turn-key approach to launching, growing and sustaining a viable lighting business.

For Bob McCusker (owner and operator of Cider Mill Landscaping and now Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Delaware Valley), he noticed an increased interest in premier lighting design services from many of his existing clients as well as a grand opportunity with the holiday lighting portion of the Outdoor Lighting Perspectives business model.
Bob joined the Outdoor Lighting Perspectives family at the end of 2014 and the 2015 season will be his first in operation. While at the annual meeting, I had a chance to sit down with Bob and ask him why he thought the Outdoor Lighting Perspectives franchise opportunity would be a good fit for his existing business. Bob shared the need within his market as the number one reason but followed that up with “I wanted to make sure I was able to seamlessly and effectively add lighting services to what we currently offer. After doing some research and hearing about Outdoor Lighting Perspectives on the radio it seemed like the perfect answer. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives has been perfecting the lighting business for many years, having the blue print for success and a team of people in place to support our efforts made it an easy decision. Between Jody and Jane helping me create and launch a marketing plan, and Rich and Jim being a phone call away to answer questions. I know we are in good hands and that the team at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives will work with me and my crews to ensure our success in the coming year. Meeting all of the other franchisees was really helpful too. They have been where I am now and its nice to have others to turn to when you have questions.”

Since our return, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives has heard from more than 10 other business owners across the country that, like Bob are also looking for ways to get into the lighting game. If you would like to explore how you can launch an Outdoor Lighting Perspectives franchise or add an Outdoor Lighting Perspectives franchise to your existing business there is no time like the present. We are gearing up for our first training class next month which still offers plenty of time to explore the franchise opportunity before the 2015 season really gets going. Call or email us anytime! Our team is always happy to help you decide if an Outdoor Lighting Perspectives franchise will be the right fit for you!