Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Franchisee In The News Again

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Franchisee In The News Again

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is so thrilled to share more great news from our franchisee, John Bruce.

In his recent blog post, John shares his second segment aired by local news channel KCL.

In his blog John writes;

As part of a five segment series on KSHB’s Kansas City Live, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Kansas City shares information about exterior lighting. For part 2, John Bruce discussed the areas, styles and average costs for professional outdoor lighting systems during the April 13th segment titled The 5 Outdoor Areas to Illuminate at Home.

The focus of this segment began with a quick synopsis of the five core areas for properly lighting your home’s exterior and its surrounding property. A well planned professional outdoor lighting system includes these areas: the front of your house – consider this the curb appeal shot or the backdrop of how your home’s image would be caught on canvas; the back of your house; the landscaped areas; paths and entryways; and your outdoor living spaces and structures.

When all of these areas are under the ambient glow of architectural, landscape and path lighting your home is not only safer but it appears warm and more inviting. While entertaining and hosting social gatherings in the evenings, your visitors are able to navigate walkways and entrances more easily and your guests’ facial expressions are more visible during conversations on your deck or patio.

Exterior lighting has three categories:

Solar – the do-it-yourself design, which is more hit or miss in color and performance when compared to a professional lighting system. These lights typically do not last very long
Line Voltage – difficult to install, maintain or change because it is household current exterior lighting which must be run in conduit buried 18 inches deep to meet electrical code
OLP on KCL part 2Low Voltage – low voltage fixtures work well to provide lots of light while being very energy-efficient, have a less invasive installation process and are easier to maintain (Originally used incandescent bulbs, but moved to halogen and LEDs because of their increased energy efficiency, color enhancing attributes and better performance)

John stated, that on average, the do-it-yourself option runs less than $1,000 for a minimal system for a couple of areas of your home with a shorter life span, while a professionally custom designed and installed low voltage plan for an average size home and property would be between $2,000-$3,000 with a considerably longer lasting lighting system. Clearly the low voltage lighting option is an investment worth making when you consider the value of your home and personal property and its overall look.

Congratulations John! We can’t wait to see the remain three segments! To join the Outdoor Lighting Perspective franchise family, please feel free to call or email us anytime!