What Makes a Great Franchisee

What Makes a Great Franchisee

Over the past few weeks our Outdoor Lighting Perspectives executives and support team have been working closely with one of the most thoughtful candidates any of us have worked with in a long time. The whole process has made me think about how we characterize our ideal franchisee.

Historically, we have listed several of the characteristics we look for in potential Outdoor Lighting Perspectives franchisees. Those characteristics include :

  • Man or woman, could be a husband and wife team
  • 35-50 years of age
  • College educated, usually with a four-year degree
  • Background in business management, customer service, high-end premium retail,
  • Evidence of leadership success in career and/or community, ideally with hiring and firing responsibility and budget unit P&L responsibility
  • Management experience preferred
  • Strong desire to build and manage a strong business versus a “boutique business” or “sole proprietorship”
  • Above average acumen, skill and comfort with computers and technology
  • Often a “corporate refugee” seeking increased control and financial independence
  • Motivated by an environment of not being trapped in an office or retail store
  • Very motivated to be own boss and have control over schedule
  • Understands and is comfortable with the ideal of relationship building to develop long-term trade alliance partners in the local market

Personally, I think this is a pretty basic list upon comparison to our newest member.

While our newest franchisee certainly has every one of the above-listed characteristics, this person also has a few others that help set them apart from the rest and certainly will help as they begins this newest life challenge.

First and foremost, he or she is a people person; by that I mean (s)he's easy to understand and naturally builds relationships. This person is also relatable; which is another key indicator that (s)he is a people person and will succeed in networking and building trade alliances. I also believe this person will be an excellent voice in their community; which are all key indicators that they are indeed a people person.

In addition, he or she is also thoughtful, careful and cautious; someone who likes direction and enjoys having a safety net but also can mitigate risks to ensure success. Throughout the education and discovery process, (s)he consulted industry professionals to make sure he was asking the right questions. The due diligence he conducted to ensure he made an educated decision further proves that he does not enter into new decisions blindly.

If you have similar qualities, like being outdoors and are looking for a new challenge, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives could be the perfect franchise opportunity for you!