Essential Exterior Hospitality Lighting

Essential Exterior Hospitality Lighting

Let’s face it… in business, first impressions matter—especially if your commercial customer wants someone to spend money at their place of business. Even more so if they want them to sleep there.

That’s why Outdoor Lighting Perspectives takes the time to provide superior exterior lighting for the hospitality industry. When guests approach a hotel, inn or bed and breakfast, they’re already sizing up the location.
Is it dimly lit? Does it look safe? Is it bright and presentable and attractive? Is this someplace where I’ll want to rest my head? These are the questions flowing through guests’ minds as they approach a place of business.

Hospitality lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives will not only put a smile on guests’ faces, but it will also put their minds at ease and make them feel comfortable entering the business and spending the night. According to Hotel Management Magazine, "The exterior of a hotel is equally important as the interior; what guests observe as they drive up or prospective guests see as they drive by is a direct reflection of what they can expect of their stay.”

When designing a lighting plan for the hospitality industry, we want to accent the hotel’s best features and look for ways to reduce energy costs both now and in the coming years. Upgraded lighting can lower utility costs and, increase utility rebates, and save on labor costs.

Our commercial exterior lighting for hospitality focuses on three distinct areas: task lighting, path lighting, and ambience lighting. Let’s take a closer look at all three.

Task Lighting

Getting in and out of vehicles with luggage in tow—whether it’s in the parking lot or a loading/unloading zone—requires precise lighting. Guests may be distracted looking for items, wrestling with luggage or dealing with tired children. They need to feel safe while they are preoccupied and have efficient lighting to manage these tasks.
Outdoor Lighting Perspectives takes the time to evaluate all of these high-activity areas to ensure constant proper task lighting.

Path Lighting

While tall lamps may do well in lighting up both a parking lot and the perimeter, we still need to think about the paths to and from the parking lot, exterior doors, emergency exits, outdoor paths and walkways, outdoor pools, exterior hallways, and all corners of the building(s).

Hospitality businesses enjoy greater success, higher occupation rates, and longer stays when guests feel safe and comfortable anywhere on the premises. A guest may discover something left in their vehicle in the middle of the night, and the business owner will want to ensure their safety while on the property—both from accidental trips or falls and from wild animals or potential criminals.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives takes the time to evaluate path lighting for all of these high-traffic areas to ensure safe and secure lighting.

Ambience Lighting

Ambience lighting provides the wow factor that makes guest smile as they drive up and potential guests smile as they drive by. By providing strategic landscape and feature lighting for signage, trees, sculptures, fountains, art, and architectural features, guests will feel comfortable upon arrival. When you provide an attractive and inviting atmosphere, guests will certainly notice—and return.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives has the tools in place so that you can provide the best lighting plan for every customer in the hospitality industry.