The OLP Difference

The OLP Difference

Welcome to Outdoor Lighting Perspectives largest professional landscaping lighting company in North America! That’s right. You’ve found us. With more than years of industry experience, we’ve already established more than 50 locations throughout the United States and abroad—and we’re growing every day. Our most recent franchise opened in Arkansas, and they are already looking to branch out even further.


We’ve completed more than 150,000 residential installations nationwide by offering turnkey solutions for our clients. That means they don’t have to research which lights work best or figure out the best placement for their lights once they get them. No digging. No running wires. No wasting time or money. Our clients just get to sit back and enjoy the beautiful results. And that’s what makes your job as a franchisee easy.


We’ve learned that keeping our customers’ needs—safety, security, usability, and aesthetics—top of mind equates to better word of mouth, more repeat purchases, and more referral business. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, our franchisees are provided with a ready-made system that provides customized lighting for any property or landscape. That means that lighting is planned with the end result in mind. And we leave room for any possible future expansion to eliminate the need for pricey rewiring costs. We’ve found that this proactive approach opens the door to future purchases, rather than setting a roadblock to potential add-ons.

Installation & Service

Our attention to detail and client satisfaction sets OLP apart from other competitors in the industry. We have field tested our best installation practices since 1998. And we have taken the initiative to meet or exceed national standards for outdoor electrical installations. Our connections are both secure and watertight, which means no worries for the client. And we back up our product and installation with one full year of service, included with the cost of installation. In addition, we do offer ongoing maintenance plans as well as expert troubleshooting on any issues with OLP’s lighting systems.

Products & Warranty

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives only uses high-quality lighting and components. No matter who our customer is, we always use the best. And we back that up with a lifetime warranty on all fixtures and transformers, a five-year warranty on all LEDs, and a one-year warranty on all timers and photocells. Even more—every one of our warranties is transferable to any new homeowners. We keep our customers covered from start to finish and beyond.

As with any job opportunity, your success is what you make of your franchise. With all of these industry-topping standards in your hands, your success story is mere pages away. Sign up today.