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Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

North America's First Outdoor Lighting Franchise

Run your own business.
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Choosing to pursue an OLP franchise to reach your goals must be a highly informed business decision. When matched with the right personality, the right business and the right value system, investing in and operating an outdoor lighting franchise can be an extremely lucrative and rewarding career and lifestyle choice.

With a successful and robust franchise opportunity like OLP, you can be your own boss, build your own team and establish a great client base with a strong recurring and high-margin revenue stream.

If you are comfortable working within proven systems and with established best practices, you can enjoy the benefits of ongoing operation support and training programs coupled with technology solutions that would be cost and resource prohibitive to create on your own.

And with a successful, established brand like OLP, you’ll be able to leverage our recognized brand presence and receive built-in marketing and promotional support to help you maximize your local market.

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