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The OLP Difference

Welcome to Outdoor Lighting Perspectives largest professional landscaping lighting company in North America! That’s right. You’ve found us. With more than 15 years of industry experience, we’ve already established more than 50 locations throughout the United States and abroad—and we’re growing every day. Our most recent franchise opened in Arkansas, and they are already looking to branch out even further.


We’ve completed more than 100,000 residential installations nationwide by offering turnkey solutions for our clients. That means they don’t have to research which lights work best or figure out the best placement for their lights once they get them. No digging. No running wires. No wasting time or money. Our clients just get to sit back and enjoy the beautiful results. And that’s what makes your job as a franchisee easy.


We’ve learned that keeping our customers’ needs—safety, security, usability, and aesthetics—top of mind equates to better word of mouth, more repeat purchases, and more referral business. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, our franchisees are provided with a ready-made system that provides customized lighting for any property or landscape. That means that lighting is planned with the end result in mind. And we leave room for any possible future expansion to eliminate the need for pricey rewiring costs. We’ve found that this proactive approach opens the door to future purchases, rather than setting a roadblock to potential add-ons.

Installation & Service

Our attention to detail and client satisfaction sets OLP apart from other competitors in the industry. We have field tested our best installation practices since 1998. And we have taken the initiative to meet or exceed national standards for outdoor electrical installations. Our connections are both secure and watertight, which means no worries for the client. And we back up our product and installation with one full year of service, included with the cost of installation. In addition, we do offer ongoing maintenance plans as well as expert troubleshooting on any issues with OLP’s lighting systems.

Products & Warranty

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives only uses high-quality lighting and components. That includes heavy-gauge brass and copper fixture housings, the most advanced LED technology featuring CREE® chips, and commercial-grade stainless steel transformers. No matter who our customer is, we always use the best. And we back that up with a lifetime warranty on all fixtures and transformers, a five-year warranty on all LEDs, and a one-year warranty on all timers and photocells. Even more—every one of our warranties is transferable to any new homeowners. We keep our customers covered from start to finish and beyond.

As with any job opportunity, your success is what you make of your franchise. With all of these industry-topping standards in your hands, your success story is mere pages away. Sign up today!

Essential Exterior Hospitality Lighting

Let’s face it… in business, first impressions matter—especially if your commercial customer wants someone to spend money at their place of business. Even more so if they want them to sleep there.

That’s why Outdoor Lighting Perspectives takes the time to provide superior exterior lighting for the hospitality industry. When guests approach a hotel, inn or bed and breakfast, they’re already sizing up the location.
Is it dimly lit? Does it look safe? Is it bright and presentable and attractive? Is this someplace where I’ll want to rest my head? These are the questions flowing through guests’ minds as they approach a place of business.

Hospitality lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives will not only put a smile on guests’ faces, but it will also put their minds at ease and make them feel comfortable entering the business and spending the night. According to Hotel Management Magazine, "The exterior of a hotel is equally important as the interior; what guests observe as they drive up or prospective guests see as they drive by is a direct reflection of what they can expect of their stay.”

When designing a lighting plan for the hospitality industry, we want to accent the hotel’s best features and look for ways to reduce energy costs both now and in the coming years. Upgraded lighting can lower utility costs and, increase utility rebates, and save on labor costs.

Our commercial exterior lighting for hospitality focuses on three distinct areas: task lighting, path lighting, and ambience lighting. Let’s take a closer look at all three.

Task Lighting

Getting in and out of vehicles with luggage in tow—whether it’s in the parking lot or a loading/unloading zone—requires precise lighting. Guests may be distracted looking for items, wrestling with luggage or dealing with tired children. They need to feel safe while they are preoccupied and have efficient lighting to manage these tasks.
Outdoor Lighting Perspectives takes the time to evaluate all of these high-activity areas to ensure constant proper task lighting.

Path Lighting

While tall lamps may do well in lighting up both a parking lot and the perimeter, we still need to think about the paths to and from the parking lot, exterior doors, emergency exits, outdoor paths and walkways, outdoor pools, exterior hallways, and all corners of the building(s).

Hospitality businesses enjoy greater success, higher occupation rates, and longer stays when guests feel safe and comfortable anywhere on the premises. A guest may discover something left in their vehicle in the middle of the night, and the business owner will want to ensure their safety while on the property—both from accidental trips or falls and from wild animals or potential criminals.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives takes the time to evaluate path lighting for all of these high-traffic areas to ensure safe and secure lighting.

Ambience Lighting

Ambience lighting provides the wow factor that makes guest smile as they drive up and potential guests smile as they drive by. By providing strategic landscape and feature lighting for signage, trees, sculptures, fountains, art, and architectural features, guests will feel comfortable upon arrival. When you provide an attractive and inviting atmosphere, guests will certainly notice—and return.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives has the tools in place so that you can provide the best lighting plan for every customer in the hospitality industry.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Expands to Arkansas!

We’re excited to announce Lance Shackelford as our brand-new franchisee in Arkansas, The Natural State. And what a beautiful state it is with its parks and recreational areas, hiking trails, mountains, caves, rivers, hot springs… and back yards!

Lance has placed himself as the first Outdoor Lighting Perspectives franchisee in the state, specifically located in the Jonesboro area in the northeastern portion of Arkansas.

“I looked at a lot of franchises, and I was very impressed with the product quality and nighttime demos that Outdoor Lighting Perspectives offers,” said Lance. “I didn’t want to sell something that I didn’t believe in. And I believe in the OLP products and Outdoor Living Brands, so it’s a great fit for me.”

Another benefit that Lance says swayed him toward a new career opportunity with Outdoor Living Brands is the people, passion, and support behind the product at OLB.

And the great news is that Lance is already experiencing some fast and early success. His website has shot straight to number one in local Google searches. And he’s secured several installations from his first regional mailer – some from as far away as two hours!

After spending 10 years in the oil and gas industry and experiencing pay cuts and reduced work time, Lance was ready for a change that offered consistent pay and work. Knowing that people are looking to spend more time outdoors – building more outdoor spaces like kitchens, patios, pools, and decks – helped Lance decide on his next career move. Plus, he and his wife love spending time outdoors so it’s really a perfect match.

Now, Lance can work as his own boss, which allows him more stability and the ability to set his schedule and break away to spend time with his wife, two older children, two younger children, and one grandson.

“A home is a person’s biggest investment, and I want to help people improve people’s homes,” said Lance.
Lance is currently running a home-based operation, and he is looking to establish a brick-and-mortar location in the near future. “Right now, the industry is ripe for expansion and there is low competition in the Arkansas area,” said Lance.

In addition, Lance is looking forward to opening other Outdoor Living Brands franchises in the future. For Lance, OLP is proving to live up to Arkansas’ former nickname – The Land of Opportunity.

Congratulations, Lance. We welcome you to the Outdoor Living Brands family!

Your Franchise Career Opportunity with Huge Growth Potential

Let’s face it, no one likes driving up to a dark house. And most people want to limit their vulnerability to would-be thieves. One of the ways you accomplish this is through a security system. The other way is through lighting.

With an expanding economy and home sales on the rise this spring, the time has never been better to start an outdoor lighting franchise. Homeowners are finding more money in their pockets to spend on exterior home improvements, including what their home looks like at night.

With a median project price at $3,227 and average fixture price of $263, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives has quickly become America’s #1 choice for professional, custom outdoor lighting.

The outdoor lighting market is quickly expanding. And we’ve seen a big increase in needs for the following types of lighting across all of our service areas:

• Home Beautification
• Landscape
• Architectural
• Backyard Spaces
• Safety
• Festive / Entertainment
• Water Features
• Holiday
• Commercial / Hospitality

Since 1995, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives has illuminated thousands of homes and hospitality venues with highly efficient outdoor lighting. Our full-service suite makes us an excellent choice for entrepreneurs looking for career and creative fulfillment with strong revenue streams and high client satisfaction. In fact, nationwide customer satisfaction ranks between 4.80 and 4.92 on a scale from 1 to 5 (with 5 being the highest).

In a recent poll, our Outdoor Lighting Perspective owners rated their own franchise locations at between 97%–100% satisfaction in areas of overall quality, franchise recommendation, product and service quality, professional opportunities, and growth potential.

Our franchise owners are experiencing greater freedom in their careers, and are securing more income than they once thought possible. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives franchisees average about $518,000 in annual sales and maintain a median gross profit margin of 56.7%. That’s pretty huge!

Still thinking about it? Here’s a list of our current hottest markets:
• Indianapolis
• Orlando
• Boston
• New Hampshire
• Detroit
• San Francisco
• Oklahoma
• Savannah
• Little Rock
• Houston

And the list is growing every day!

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives could be the career opportunity you’ve been looking for. If you live in or near one of these areas, give us a call today. We’re looking to expand our reach throughout and beyond these cities.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Franchisees Capitalize on Big Industry Growth

2016 is shaping up to be a lucrative year for outdoor lighting professionals. According to a recent study by Houzz, 57% of homeowners who have outdoor projects in process are planning to upgrade their outdoor lighting. And the best news of all is that more homeowners today are foregoing DIY projects and seeking professional help to complete the look of their outdoor spaces!

As the leading national brand in outdoor lighting, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is poised to take advantage of these trends. From design to installation to maintenance, we build relationships with our clients, and they turn to us for professional guidance when they decide to add or update their outdoor lighting.

Considering the explosive growth ahead, a look at the numbers shows why this is the right time to invest in an Outdoor Lighting Perspectives franchise. Ten percent of homeowners plan to add audio and/or video outdoor media and 23 percent of homeowner plan to add solar lighting. Over half of new lighting projects are installed to illuminate pathways, decks, patios, and trees. Plus LED technology is gaining popularity, comprising about a third of these updates.

Our franchisees have a common interest in outdoor lighting and the desire to be an entrepreneur. Starting a company solo brings risks, so becoming a franchisee is a wise decision. With an Outdoor Lighting Perspectives franchise, you will discover the advantages of joining our brand family and tapping into our solid history of business in the outdoor lighting industry.

Jim Hilliard became our company’s first franchisee 17 years ago and hasn’t looked back. “It gives me the flexibility to do what I want to do, the time frame is up to me, and I schedule things as I need to. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a lot of work, but at least I’m in control of it. And the money comes in my pocket instead of somebody else’s pocket.” Other franchisees agree that investing in an Outdoor Lighting Perspectives franchise has changed their lives and helped them achieve their goals. They are able to reap all of the benefits of being their own boss while taking advantage of our national brand recognition and top-notch support in business operations.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives has a vibrant business model in place to support franchisees. We’ve identified three lucrative areas for you to focus on: residential landscape lighting, holiday lighting, and hospitality outdoor lighting. You’ll begin with a five-day training course designed to give you a thorough command of proven business and marketing strategies, expert product knowledge, dependable service and installation processes, administrative methods, and more. Beyond this initial training, we offer ongoing support and coaching throughout the year. For example, each August we hold our Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Annual Holiday Training Class, an experience that energizes franchisees with new product knowledge and installation training. In addition, our support team is available to you for day-to-day operations needs. When you join the Outdoor Lighting Perspectives team, you become part of the largest outdoor lighting provider in North America. We look forward to having you on board!

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives grows with the addition of a location in Dallas-Denton

One of my favorite things about being a recruitment consultant with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives comes in the form of making announcements like today. Today I am thrilled to announce and welcome the newest member of the Outdoor Lighting Perspectives family, Chris and Julie Ritchie!

Chris and Julie Ritchie are two amazing young professionals that look forward to lifestyle changes owning and operating and Outdoor Lighting Perspectives franchise will provide them. Chris has spent the majority of his career working off-shore in the oil industry. During the education and discovery process Chris mentioned that he has actually missed almost every Christmas holiday since the birth of their adorable daughter five years ago.

Chris has always had a soft spot for the lighting industry having served as his uncle assistant as a teenager. His uncle also owned and operated his own lighting business for several years before selling his business and enjoying retirement. Chris was thrilled to come across Outdoor Lighting Perspectives while conducting research on the internet. Julie’s father was instrumental in urging the pair to explore opportunities that would allow the pair to spend more time together and with their young daughter. With the support of family and friends, Chris and Julie continued exploring the Outdoor Lighting Perspectives franchise and flew to Richmond, Virginia earlier this month. After spending the day with our franchise support team, the pair felt strongly that Outdoor Lighting Perspectives would serve as a vehicle to help them achieve their personal, professional and lifestyle goals in the years ahead.

The Outdoor Lighting Perspectives team thoroughly enjoyed meeting Chris and Julie and also felt the pair would be a wonderful addition to the growing Outdoor Lighting Perspectives family. “Chris and Julie are smart, professional and charismatic. I have no doubt that they will be able to flourish and implement OLP’s best practices and not only successfully launch but continue to grow and expand their own Outdoor Lighting business in the coming years,” shared Vice President, Rich Young.

Chris and Julie will head back to Richmond in a few short weeks for their Outdoor Lighting Perspectives training class. Over the course of the week the pair will learn everything they need to know about launching, operating and growing their Outdoor Lighting business.

Please join me and welcome the newest members of the Outdoor Lighting Perspectives family, Chris and Julie Ritchie!

1851 Franchise shared a story about our very own, Tim O'Brien today!

Franchisee Success: Outdoor Lighting Perspectives
With a passion for home improvement, Tim O’Brien is ready for the franchising side of an old hobby.

BY Jackie Minchillo

08/31/2015 12:27 pm

Tim O’Brien is one of the newest franchisees in the Outdoor Lighting Perspectives system, having just signed and opened his first location in Baltimore in March 2015.

Prior to his decision to purchase his Outdoor Lighting territory, O’Brien spent nearly two decades in New York as a Convertible Bond Broker, an experience he says has been invaluable to him now as a business owner. “My work was part sales, part service and most of all, relationship driven,” says O’Brien. “I apply all of these skills now to my daily work in growing my Outdoor Lighting business.”

O’Brien was drawn back to Baltimore in 2012, wanting his young daughter to grow up closer to family. Shortly after, he made the decision to begin researching business opportunities as he was ready for a new chapter in his career as well.

“I’ve always had a passion for home improvement and DIY projects, and I decided it was time to turn that hobby into a business after all the time I had spent behind a desk,” said O’Brien.

He went on to say that the decision to invest in Outdoor Lighting was fairly straightforward. During his research he found the company to be very solid with a great foundation and a long-time proven track record. In addition, all of the current franchisees he spoke with about their experience were positive and provided him all the reassurance he needed.

While the first year in business for many new small business owners is largely focused on numbers, O’Brien says he’s running a marathon, not a sprint with Outdoor Lighting—and he has long-term vision in mind.

“For me the first year is all about gaining as much knowledge as I can and working out all the kinks to ensure increased profits in the future,” said O’Brien. “I didn’t want to start hiring people before doing all the jobs myself first so that I can train my employees rather than learn with them and I didn’t want to invest in warehouse or office space until I feel the business is truly running like a well-oiled machine,” O’Brien went on to say.

This dedication to learning and running all of the ins and outs of his own business has also been a part of what O’Brien has considered to be the biggest challenge.

“While none of the jobs are extremely difficult on their own, I have found it challenging to juggle all of them at once, in addition to trying to balance my home life,” O’Brien explained. “I have a two-year old and a five-year old and one my of my biggest concerns is not infringing on my time with them. The support I receive from our corporate office has been invaluable.”

So the first year, O’Brien is focused on soaking up as much knowledge as possible so that he can begin hiring before the year is out. He would like to hire two employees; definitely a field installer and possibly someone to handle office and bookkeeping. In addition O’Brien is actively working to identify a small office space and a warehouse that can be developed and fully operational; heading into the busy Spring season in 2016.

“There will always be a learning curve and new challenges to overcome, but my goal in becoming an expert in my own business this year is to avoid as many beginner errors as possible, and build a solid foundation for an efficient business so that other people can feel good about joining my team and working together to build a great reputation in the Baltimore market,” said O’Brien.

In the future, O’Brien would not be opposed to purchasing additional adjoining territories, should they be available, but he’s focused on building a successful outdoor lighting business in Baltimore first.

- See more at:

Growth Knows No Bounds In The Outdoor Lighting Business

The landscape and architectural lighting category is in hyper-growth mode. Ever since the U.S. economy’s rebound, the demand for outdoor lighting has increased significantly.

Why? For starters, more homeowners are investing in their properties and adding on to their homes through the addition of multi-functional outdoor living spaces –and they want to enjoy these spaces long into the evening. Outdoor kitchens, decks, patios and pools provide opportunities for many applications in outdoor lighting.

The emergence of LED lighting has provided another opportunity for the outdoor lighting industry. There are countless outdoor lighting systems installed throughout North America. A majority of these systems still have the traditional halogen bulbs as the light source.

Providing LED retrofits to these homeowners allows for over 50 percent savings in energy. As an added bonus, the technology is designed to last 40,000 to 50,000 hours. These advancements equate to a significant growth opportunity for outdoor lighting franchises.

Another indication of strong growth lies in the architectural industry. In 2014, the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) surveyed nearly 3,400 landscape architecture firms on how they specify and purchase lighting for their projects. The top three projects for which they specify lighting include (in order by volume):

1. Residential

2. Commercial

3. Water Amenities/Pools/Fountains

So, what does this all mean? Let’s play it by the numbers. 94 percent of landscape architecture firms specify or purchase lighting products for their projects and 51 percent of landscape architecture firms report that their average total project budget (design, materials, and construction) is valued between $100,000 and $1 million. 16 percent of firms value their average project at over $1 million.

Bottom line? If you are seriously considering a new franchise opportunity in outdoor lighting, the time is now.

- See more at:

Shedding Light on the Flourishing Outdoor Lighting Industry

In an industry that is seeing an influx of companies providing outdoor lighting as an additional service or add-on service to their main business, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives continues to build on it’s long standing history as a full service outdoor lighting company whose sole focus is outdoor lighting. With more than 100,000 installations completed and doing business since 1995, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is backed with experience and longevity in an industry that has seen many changes over the past 10 years.

Outdoor lighting is all they do. They live and breathe it and they relentlessly strive to do it better than anyone else. This commitment has helped them tap into an affluent client base looking for a full-service provider who not only can provide custom design expertise, but installation and ongoing service and maintenance.

The company’s primary focus is on the residential client’s architectural and landscape lighting needs with holiday and festive lighting additional revenue streams. Trends for building and cultivating outdoor living spaces has only helped in this regard. The company has also successfully ventured into the hospitality lighting industry and is aggressive at identifying additional revenue streams within the outdoor lighting realm for their franchisees.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives’ product lines are continually evolving with unique and exclusive copper and brass fixtures being added on an ongoing basis. Fixtures that can easily be added to a property permanently such as custom garden luminaries or temporarily such as string or tree lighting for festive events are all part of the company’s product repertoire, which helps differentiate the brand from others. The free design consultation and nighttime preview is also an important distinction for the company providing potential clients the opportunity to preview their outdoor lighting system prior to installation.

In addition to the depth of the fixture and bulb lines, the company’s warranties are arguably the best in the business. From fixtures to transformers and bulbs, OLP’s warranties, their longevity in the marketplace and backing by a national company give clients the sense of security they are looking for when searching for and selecting an outdoor lighting company.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives positions themselves as the premiere outdoor lighting service provider and their franchisees pride themselves on their design expertise and access to a franchise network that provides them with ongoing training and support keeping them on top of the latest design techniques and technologies.

As competition grows, it’s become increasingly important to demonstrate to clients the OLP difference and help educate them on the difference when comparing outdoor lighting companies. It’s rarely apples to apples. And, that’s ok. This is a huge opportunity for the company to continue to widen the gap and stake it’s place as the leader in the industry.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”… Well, not really, but this week certainly has some holiday sparkle! This week marks the beginning of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives annual Holiday Lighting training program. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives continues to perfect holiday lighting services and has seen tremendous growth and success in local markets throughout the country. In fact, our very own Clark Griswold (A.K.A, David Perlmutter owner and operator of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Pittsburgh) is also flying in to share his success stories, tricks and even a few secrets with his fellow Outdoor Lighting Perspectives family.

I am sure you remember from one of my earlier blogs, David has created quite the buzz for himself throughout Pittsburgh and is definitely the area’s go to guy for all things “shiny and bright”. We are thrilled that David is joining us again this year, and can’t wait to see him later on today.

Along with David and the team from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Pittsburgh, Outdoor Living Brands is thrilled to welcome franchisees from coast to coast including some of our new franchisees operating in Georgia, New Jersey, Minnesota, Washington, and Maryland.

Our exciting week will kick off tomorrow morning at 8:30 AM by reviewing last year’s HOT sellers and introducing several new items the team will be able to offer this year. Many of our holiday lighting vendors will be here as well to offer inside tips and tricks to help Outdoor Lighting Perspectives franchisees share the new products with their clients throughout the United States. As they learn about many of the new and existing lighting products, our VP, Rich Young will also offer a refresher course on the Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Sales Methodology, the secret to our success! Of course following the sales methodology comes MARKETING!!! Our amazing Marketing Manager, Jody Wetherill has so many exciting new templates and tricks for the Outdoor Lighting Perspectives family and as someone who has seen many of the new designs, the word STUNNING is all I will share with you today.

On Wednesday, its FIELD Day…No, not the silly kind from our days in Elementary school full of water balloons and races. A real training session, where the Outdoor Lighting Perspectives class will design and install a premier holiday lighting system for one lucky Richmond resident. As a special treat for all the OLP fans out there, Rick Poquette from the Mosquito Squad team will have his DRONE on stand by to shoot video, pictures and more from the days activities, so STAY TUNED for more on Field Day with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives.

Sadly, Thursday will be our final day of training and much of the day will be focused on proper management techniques and a special guest (sorry you have to be here to learn the secret). Around 2:00 our franchisees will fly back to their homes and begin crafting their own holiday magic marketing program. It is definitely going to be a magical week to remember and I can’t wait for it to begin!

Remember, there is still time to join the Outdoor Lighting Perspectives family before the holiday lighting season begins! So delay and call me today!