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Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

North America's First Outdoor Lighting Franchise

Add Outdoor Lighting to your business.
And watch your company grow.

Are you and your company ready to grow? Outdoor Lighting Perspectives’ unique 3-in-1 business model is the perfect addition for existing outdoor contracting and home service companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why would I want to add lighting to my existing business?

  • Exterior lighting is a $789 million dollar business
  • Diversify your existing business to offset seasonality concerns
  • Broaden your client demographic:
    1. Add lighting sales onto every job
    2. Win more bids as the one-stop-shopping provider
  • Cross-marketing to promote your respective businesses will help drive cost-effective new customer acquisition and increase the revenues of each business unit

Q. I’m not a licensed electrician. Would this work for me?

  • Yes! Our systems are low voltage, no need for an electrician’s license.

Q. What does an average OLP location do in revenue per year?

  • Our average location in 2016 did $465,000.

Q. What type of Gross Profit Margin can I expect from the business?

  • Our average GPM by location in 2016 was 57%.

Q. Are there any types of recurring revenue streams?

  • Yes, many of our franchisees provide annual service plans for all lighting systems installed.
  • Additionally, we have a recurring revenue stream option with our holiday lighting business model as well.

Q. I do lighting now. How would this benefit me?

  • Lower your biggest expense—cost of goods—through our approved supplier pricing
  • Tap into our proven systems and processes to grow your lighting division even more
  • Become part of a national brand for greater credibility and a larger online presence
  • Our robust technology platform will add efficiency to your organization allowing you more time for sales and growth

Q. What are the benefits of joining our Outdoor Lighting franchise?

  • Training and support for all aspects of the business to ensure your success
  • Turnkey marketing programs to help promote your business
  • Experts on staff to help your online presence to drive lead flow
  • Peer-to-peer networking events throughout the year
  • Preferred suppliers for a lower cost of goods
  • Operational platform that provides client and prospect tracking, QuickBooks integration, Google Maps integration, email reminders, online payment support, letter sending services and web-based scheduling

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