OLP Franchise Owners Explain How Our Business Model Helped Them Reach New Heights

Whether they’re veterans, people who left the corporate world or experienced lighting professionals, they’re all saying the same thing: Outdoor Lighting Perspectives gave them the tools to succeed. The following testimonials speak to the power of OLP’s market-leading position, brand presence and technology platform that equips franchisees to provide the very best service and get the most profit from every job.

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Find Career Freedom with OLP Ownership

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My favorite part about owning an Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, is the freedom I get with my family. Now I'm seeing it pay dividends with time with my young family, time to travel, and the freedom of not being tied down 9-5. We started our OLP in the middle of the pandemic. I never actually ran a full business with marketing, or doing PnL's or business planning, and having the support team to help guide that side of the business was a huge help. Even though we couldn't visit them personally, we did all of their training remotely. The excellent support staff on the franchisee level really assisted us with our start up. Honestly, the other franchisees that we leant on heavily during out start up phase helped us to meet all of our revenue goals.

- Travis Hogue

OLP of Winter Park & Daytona, FL

The Culture at OLP is Family

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What attracted me to OLP was really the transformation of our client's homes. Looking back, I'm very thankful that we sell a fun product. It's not an emergency, it's not the roof caving in, they don't have to spend it. They get to spend the money on their home.

- Brandon & Kristen Parker

OLP of North & West Houston, Katy, & Sugarland, TX

Achieve Your Professional and Personal Goals

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I'm a former Marine, so being able to take the discipline and all the things I learned as a Marine, and as a business person, has allowed me to transition very easily into a career at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives. OLP has allowed me to accomplish my goals, both professionally and personally. The opportunity to set my own way of life, along with looking at where I want to be a year from now, five years from now, twenty years from now - it's been a wonderful opportunity. It's been wonderful to share this experience with my entire family, they probably know just as much about lighting now as I do today.

- George Council

OLP of Bucks & Montgomery Counties, PA

Experience A Culture of Camaraderie

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The OLP support team has been great from day one. I think the transition has been very smooth, and the things that we didn't know how to do very well, that's where the support team for our franchise has been able to come in and help us troubleshoot some of those things where maybe our background didn't support those areas as much. I've been apart of a couple franchise systems already, and this one is by far is the most accessible. We were able to get all of our questions answered to decide whether or not if this was going to be a great fit for us. And certainly it did turn out to be. The culture is just second to none - the camaraderie, the willingness to learn. All the different owners were open for us to come out to see their locations, to take tours, meet their employees. Really off the front end, we knew we were in a comfortable place, in a place where we thought we could be successful.

- Mitch and Frank Sweeney

OLP of Indianapolis, IN

No One Can Compete with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Ownership

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What attracted me to Outdoor Lighting Perspectives was really the family of lighting guys that you got when you signed on the dotted line. I was 23 at the time, there was no way that I was going to be able to start this journey on my own, and figure out the website, and all these things. If I wanted to do this, and I wanted to be the best at it, then i needed to join OLP because they had the best of the best already. And so, in 2008, I became the owner of OLP Columbia, South Carolina.

- Kenny Kaufman

OLP of Columbia & Charleston

Seize the Opportunity

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I was fortunate enough to take over an existing OLP franchise. Talking to other franchisees, I was able to see the opportunities that existed, to help take that franchise to the next level. We were able to increase revenue over 100% in the first year. We should be close to a 50% growth rate in year two as well. One of the benefits of purchasing a resale location, was that you walk in day one with a huge client base. In Austin, TX we had over 2,000 existing clients, we had two vans already, two technicians. We didn't have that steep learning curve of trying to get off the ground and trying to find the first couple of jobs.

- Jason Mannon

OLP of Austin, TX

The Payoff Is Incredible

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"We got involved in OLP because we were tired of corporate America. We had gone through the process of climbing the ladder a few times to find that our company sold to another company and so the fear of bringing in their own people and not knowing what our future was going to be that was not a good place to be. So we ventured into Outdoor Lighting Perspectives and it’s been very interesting and very difficult in a lot of ways, we’ve had to work very hard but yet the payoff is incredible! We can manage our own schedules now, be with our family when we want to be and go on vacation when we want to go."

- Pat Otis

Extremely Successful

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I joined the operation because we already have a couple of businesses and we saw this as an opportunity to take our existing customer base and add to it. By bringing in additional revenue to our organization. We have found it to be extremely successful it’s been a good mix for our customer base as well as us.

- Jim Hilliard

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