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Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

North America's First Outdoor Lighting Franchise

Our franchise discovery and qualification process. Step by step.

We have a unique process to educate you on the Outdoor Lighting Perspectives franchise. But before you begin, our franchisees have some advice for you.

STEP 1 Discover Overview
STEP 2 Residential Lighting/Hospitality Lighting
STEP 3 Holiday Lighting
STEP 4 Inbound Marketing Strategy
STEP 5 Outbound Marketing Strategy and Support
STEP 6 Training and Support
STEP 7 Technology Platform
STEP 8 Federal Disclosure Document Review (FDD)
STEP 9 Conduct Franchisee Validation Calls
STEP 10 Business Plan Conference Call
STEP 11 Confirmation Day in Richmond, VA
STEP 12 Sign Agreement and Attend Training

Note: The Discovery and Qualification process typically takes 30-45 days to complete.

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