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Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

North America's First Outdoor Lighting Franchise

We’ll help your bottom line shine, too.

With a franchisee fee of $39,500 for a standard territory (significantly lower if you are adding on to an existing business or converting an exterior lighting business) and a projected marketing budget of approximately $40,000 for your first year of operation, the total initial investment in a OLP territory is quite reasonable.

As you’ll see in Item 19 of our Franchise Disclosure Document, while most franchise partners establish their brand in their franchise territory over a 12-18 month period, it’s quite possible to enjoy the ROI provided by the diversity of our business model, strong gross profit margins, emerging interest in LED and exceptionally strong client retention.

2017 Item 19 Financial Performance Representation

  • System average gross sales by location — $517,891
  • Median gross profit margin by location — 56.7%
  • Median retail price per fixture by location — $260.36
  • Median retail price per project by location — $3,473

Recurring Revenue

A key advantage to the OLP business model will be the opportunity to build residual income year after year. Our ongoing annual maintenance plans and our turnkey holiday lighting strategies create an attractive high-margin trailing revenue stream. These annuity streams increase revenue and profits once a client base is established.

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