Hear from Our Franchisees

  • Sandra Chillas

    "Best decision of my life (after children) to purchase an Outdoor Lighting Perspectives franchise. We decided to invest in ourselves and if I was going to work hard anyway, it might as well be to further myself. Great company, great group of people too!"

  • Jim Hilliard

    "I joined the operation because we already have a couple of businesses and we saw this as an opportunity to take our existing customer base and add to it. By bringing in additional revenue to our organization. We have found it to be extremely successful it’s been a good mix for our customer base as well as us."

  • Pat Otis

    "We got involved in OLP because we were tired of corporate America. We had gone through the process of climbing the ladder a few times to find that our company sold to another company and so the fear of bringing in their own people and not knowing what our future was going to be that was not a good place to be. So we ventured into Outdoor Lighting Perspectives and it’s been very interesting and very difficult in a lot of ways, we’ve had to work very hard but yet the payoff is incredible! We can manage our own schedules now, be with our family when we want to be and go on vacation when we want to go. "

  • Rick Johnson

    "The reason I bought an existing franchise versus a starting from scratch is simple…there was a customer base there. That provided a great revenue opportunity right out of the gate. In fact the day that we opened, the day we signed the contract, turned the phones on and they started ringing! So we picked up a lot of service revenue right out of the gate it kind of got me going and I knew that going in."

  • Chuck Rich

    "Veterans typically have the drive, desire and a lot of times the perfect skill set to be successful in business but may lack the ramp up time and business administrative skills to be completely successful. An Outdoor Living Brands franchise has the right price points and support to allow a veteran to start a business and be successful at a greater speed than if they started from scratch. While many franchises require capital that may be out of your budget, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives may offer you an opportunity that is within your range and give you the added support to up your change reaching your goals. I suggest you sit down with your financial advisor and make sure you have the right capital available to invest and then evaluate the pros and cons of owning your own business. Once you have a comfortable understanding of the risks…hedge your best with opening an Outdoor Living Brands franchise."

  • Kenny Kaufman

    "The relationships we have at the franchise support center is unlike anything I thought it would be. "